Hail to the V

(My title is meant to deceive you into thinking this post is more topical and trendy than it actually is.)

Yes I’m going to pay homage to the loverly women in my life again. It’s been a rough week (though today pretty much rocked my socks off) and in moments where I was “turning grim about the mouth and ready to knock people’s hats off and take to the sea” (Melville will just have to forgive me for that slaughtered paraphrase) my girls came to the rescue. This is a shout out to a different group of girls than the ones who inspired this post.

 Though those continue to serve me quite well, a new job has come to mean some fantastic additions to my circle of estrogen (with a extra sprinkle of testosterone for good measure as well—I haven’t forgotten you Dennis).

When I was feeling that empty “I wish I had someone to hold me” desperation, they were there for a couple solid hugs and even a kiss (on the cheek you pervs!). Despite the fact that these women have always proven to be a solid bunch, I was pleasantly surprised at how readily they came to my rescue in true princess charming fashion. They even offered to beat up a bully or two if need be, just like a big strong male-type would do. And even more than helping me deal with the issue of the day, they restored my strength in being a confident, independent woman. They’ve served me more faithfully than any boy has. And they did so with no angle. Simply because it’s what people who love and care for you do.

We are an eclectic (and eccentric) bunch coming from all walks of life with opinions and beliefs that run the gamut. And yet we respect each other so much. Even when one or the other has overstepped a boundary or found herself feasting on the stale taste of her own foot, we’ve managed to stay open, honest and gracious when addressing the indiscretion. A bigger testament to the character of these women is their willingness to step up and own their feelings and actions.

Sure we have our pitfalls and tense moments what with being human and all. But these women all do their best to remain respectful of the bonds they’ve formed. They warn the others of forthcoming crankiness without using it as free-to-sass card. They not only refuse to make excuses for offending a friend, but they step up and apologize when it’s necessary. Most of the time this is before the wronged party even mentions the offense.

Maybe it’s due to the maturity level of the women involved (with the exception of me, I’m like the immature little sister they tolerate because I’ve somehow weaseled my way into their good graces), but I have never felt so comfortable around such an impressive group of women. Each talented and successful in her own right, they have always been willing to step up, offer advice and mentor without a hint of superiority.

Among the many blessings of this new job, I count these women among the best of them. So thanks for the support ladies (and gent). I hope all women (and men) are lucky enough to find such a solid source of laughter, accountability, strength and happy-hour company.