I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down

As anyone who reads this blog can tell, I vacillate between being thrilled with my single status and missing some of the perks that come with relationships. This past month has been one of those periods that I’ve truly appreciated singlehood.

A few weeks ago I accepted a position with a company in Minnetonka. This opportunity is quite the coup for me and I didn’t have to think twice before accepting the position. Not only is it a strategic career move, but it affords me the opportunity to move to the Metro, which is where I’ve wanted to be for the past few years. I know if I had been in a relationship with someone in the Mankato area I probably wouldn’t have even considered applying for the position. Even if I had, I know that I would have hesitated to accept it, no matter what it meant for my career.

I don’t condemn people who make major decisions based on what would be best for their love life. I realize when you do find the one, that person must ultimately take priority over your career. If he or she doesn’t come before everything else, it’s probably not the right relationship for you in the first place. I just appreciate that I am able to make the most of other aspects of my life during this time when I am unattached.

I’ve had a number of opportunities as a single woman that I never would have been able to take advantage of if I were in a relationship. From traveling to moving to volunteering, my life is completely my own and I plan to make the most of it before I settle down. I know that being in a relationship doesn’t mean losing your freedom altogether, but it does mean making sacrifices.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, a person in a relationship will (or should) always take their significant other into consideration when making major life decisions. So my advice to the single people of the world is this: embrace your singlehood while you have it. Because although a relationship will (hopefully) bring with it some great things, you will never be as free to do whatever you want with your life as you are now.