Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Please Back Off

With the exception of the tool bag I had to work with the other night, I don’t believe most people think I exude a lonely, desperate vibe. However, the number of attempted set-ups has been increasing as of late. It’s not the idea of being set up itself that I take issue with; it’s the quality or lack thereof. It seems that the only qualification these wannabe Yentes have is that my intended must have two things in common with me and being single counts as one.

Most recently, a guy with whom I’ve spent a collective 48 hours over the course of six years attempted to set me up via Facebook. His basis for doing so was that Mr. Right was involved in marketing and was Lutheran and apparently so am I. (In reality I’m not Lutheran, I don’t subscribe to any one denomination, but I can’t expect a guy I met twice to know that.) I should also mention that he lives 1,600 miles away.

Now what would possess someone to play matchmaker with someone he barely knows? Also, what made him think that the fact that we have a handful of things in common is enough to fuel a lasting long-distance relationship?

In another instance, a girl I’ve known for years thought I would be the perfect fit for one of her friends because he was 1. single and 2. a virgin. I met him. She neglected to mention he was socially awkward, loved role-playing games and took life way too seriously.

Now I don’t know that I necessarily should, but I actually take offense when people try to set me up with someone who is so obviously not right for me. What does that say of their view of me? Do they not think I’m deserving of someone who would actually be a good fit? That I should just be thrilled to be set up with anyone?

Many people meet their significant others through friends and they end up extremely happy. But I think these people’s friends actually assess the situation and take into consideration the personalities of both parties before jumping headlong into a set-up. I guess I would just hope my friends would do the same for me. Or at least not try to fix me up with any old stray single they know.