The Perfect Formula

Is the real answer to romance nothing more than calculus? Web sites like eHarmony seem to think so. They take one of the most complex human phenomena and reduce it to oversimplified formulas. If A enjoys 3 and B enjoys 7 then A + B = <3.

The thing that shocks me most about this, is that it actually seems to work for some people. I know one individual who met his future wife on eHarmony. He really believes he found his perfect mate. However, I wonder if this case isn’t an exception based on the personalities involved.

He has always been malleable when it comes to relationships. He tends to take on the personality of the girl he is dating. Perhaps eHarmony was the perfect venue for him to become the ideal solution for this girl’s equation. But does it work for the average person?

I can’t necessarily speak with authority on this subject because I’ve never actually attempted to date via one of these sites, but I really can’t imagine that something as intricate and abstruse as romance could be deciphered with a few keystrokes. But far be it from me to repudiate a site reportedly marries off 236 couples every day. So if it works for you, then best wishes to you and your scientifically-matched significant other.