Don't Hate the Pawns, Hate the Player

Why is it that as women we so often view other women as enemies? This is especially true when we fall prey to the manipulative games men play when seducing multiple women at once. I have seen this game played so expertly that the guy will have the women he is sleeping with all together in one place and not only do they not realize that they are all being used by the same man, but they will instantly turn on each other.
If these women had poured their energy into putting the guy in his place they could have been empowered rather than victimized. Now I’m not suggesting that we go to this extreme to teach a lesson, but we need to realize that hating other women is not going to get us the relationship we deserve.
I feel like deep down we are all intelligent enough to recognize that most women are not a threat. The women I know are caring individuals who appreciate and want to lift up other women, not tear them down. Why then, when it comes to men, are we so quick to attack each other? Is a man who pits us against one another, either purposefully or unwittingly, really worth the trouble?
I’m sure there are some women out there who have no qualms about attempting to steal a man away from his significant other, but I’m not convinced that these women are in the majority. In my opinion, however, even those women should not pose a threat if the man you are with is truly worth your time.