Whoa! She is Sooo Hot!

I don’t take issue with people who appreciate the beauty of another human being. I, myself, will tell others when I see an attractive man or woman. What I don’t understand is why men insist on vehemently informing us about how gorgeous they think other women are in a way that doesn’t show an appreciation so much as an indication of a disgusting one-track mind.

There are certain women who are undeniably beautiful. For instance, women all know that all men think Megan Fox is a goddess, you don’t need to lie to us and tell us that you find her disgusting and overdone. However, we also don’t need to constantly hear “God she is so hot,” with vocal inflections that strongly suggest just what you might do to her if given the chance. Especially from men we are interested in.

Even if we are completely secure in ourselves and have a realistic understanding of the fact that the men we are with will find other women are attractive, our egos are still chipped at when we constantly hear those men marveling about how sexy they find another woman. So out of basic human courtesy, if you feel the need to discuss the beauty of another woman, do so in a way that doesn’t make the woman you care about feel like you are settling for her because the 10 just wasn’t accessible.