Experiencing Technical Difficulties

We’ve all contemplated the shortcomings that come with advancements in technology. In particular, what it has done for communication. While we can reach people at almost any time using a plethora of methods, these methods are not always clear. Recently this has lead to a miscommunication that has compelled me to write a semi-retraction to my previous entry.

While most of the sentiments expressed stand true, the outcome and perceived character of the guy in question has been altered due to recent developments. The conversation in which he expressed his inability to be involved with someone who would not sleep with him took place via text message (which in and of itself is, for lack of a better word, sketchy). During an actual phone conversation, it was revealed that he was willing to see where things would go and that whether or not sex would be involved in the deal was irrelevant.

Now that I’ve cleared that up for my readers, let’s focus on the issue of the miscommunication as a side effect of advanced methods of communication. When important conversations don’t take place organically there is a lot of room for misunderstandings. The clarification that comes with intonation, facial expression, pauses, etc. is completely lost during discourse that takes place over text or IM.

One should take this into consideration when conversing with his or her significant other. Solid relationships are based on solid communication. It’s not exactly a fascinating revelation, but it is an important point nonetheless. I think we forget that good communication is not only about what we say but how we say it and this includes the method in which we choose to communicate.