After years as a serial committer, I entered the single world kicking and screaming. The change in status inspired a slew of thoughts and opinions about life as a singleton and thus the Easy Come, Easy Go blog was born. The name was inspired by a song penned by Little Jackie.

Years and approximately 1.28 million horrifying moments shared with a member of the opposite sex I found myself married. A lot of stuff happened in those in between years, including a few lapses in commitment to the blog. After life settled down a bit, I decided to revitalize the blog under the a new title. My new relationship status called for a new name (lest my husband develop a complex) and thus Easy Come, Easy Stay was re-born. All for your reading pleasure (but mostly for my own sanity).

The ideas, opinions and remarks within the various posts tend to be snarky and hyperbolic in nature, but are not designed to offend. The purpose of the blog is to provide a place to organize the mess in my mind in an attempt to maintain my sanity and navigate my way through love and life.

If you manage to make it through more than one post, first of all let me say "thank you, and I'm impressed with your moxie." Secondly, you may notice tinges of hypocrisy from post to post. It's all part of the fun and a direct result of the fact that I have no idea what I'm talking about.

The Cynic

As much as I wish I was the heartless, detached individual I appear to be, I'm not. I'm actually a candy-coated darling who tends to believe the best about people and life, despite the fact that sarcasm tends to pepper my every day interactions. A blend that likely stems from my roots in a quaint, idyllic Minnesota hamlet and my love for Algonquin witticisms. 

By profession I'm an public relations specialist/copywriter for an advertising agency in Minneapolis. By passion I am a failed pianist, mediocre artist and a struggling creative writer.